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Spy phone software


If you are reseller please stop all your buying license from other website or reseller who buy only old generator and selling software from website. We the one who support more than 100 resellers in the world

We are the one who develop different unique spy software with different version. And will let you decide which one of software you need with different price and different feature. Take a look around the other reseller or internet for sites selling spy phone software some are charging as much as $1200 for the software files alone then take a look at our prices, same software at a much reduced rate. (see below)

After payment make you will received files in 15 minutes via email or add our MSN or Skype You will received software in 2minutes

Feature :

This is the most powerful monitoring tool to give your partner, children, employee, business associate, friend etc.. or whoever you wish to monitor. This spy phone software uses a highly advanced and intelligent program that works in its own environment to offer the very best mobile phone surveillance on the market.

Our new feature for the Full Suite now includes a Remote Control Management Tool which means that once the software has been initially installed you never need touch the target phone again. Any codewords, symbols or characters you specify can be used to remotely activate and de-activate any or all of the features and change the pre-defined number on  your command.

Remote Management:

You now have the ability to remotely configure the phone. You can send a special SMS to perform the following functions on the phone:

  • Activate the Software
  • Deactivate the Software
  • Change the Pre-Defined Number
  • Query for the Status of the software on the phone.

Stealth Features:

  • No lights or visual changes can be seen on the Mobile Phone when a Room Monitor or Interception call is placed.
  • No Log creation for Incoming Room Monitor Call or Configuration SMS.
  • Software cannot be traced inside the phone.
  • Software silently starts up on phone boot or restart; if it is in Active State.
  • Configuration SMS when arrive on the target phone cannot be viewed in the Inbox nor do they represent any visual changes on the screen.

Other Features:

  • Any Key Disconnect: When a Room Monitor is placed or a call has been intercepted, these calls will be disconnected as soon as the user presses a key to avoid any suspicion to the Target User.
  • Caller Breakthrough: If an incoming call arrives to the target phone, while a Room Monitor call is in progress, the Room Monitor Call will automatically disconnect and let the phone ring as normal.
  • Activate, Deactivate, Change the Secret Code or the Pre-defined number at any time from any phone all over the world. No restrictions.



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  • OTP-SPY27 SpyExtreme for Iphone & Android

    Spy phone software

       SpyPhone Extreme PRO Supported:Iphone & Ipad  Support platform: iOS 6.x - 9.1 (Full Jail broken), iOS 10.2 (Semi Jail broken) and iOS 11.0 - 11.3.1 (Semi Jail broken), Android (Android Firmware 2.3 - current newest OS version OS8.1(depending on the device)


    Spy Extreme supports the capture of pictures, audio, video, calendars, notes and much more. It also offers call and ambient local recording, as well as the ability to remotely control the camera. 
    We can promise you that no other product offers more.

  • OTP-SPY28 SpyExtreme Pro for Computer Windows & Mac

    Spy phone software

    With 40+ unique features, OneTech Spy Extreme is the world's best computer monitoring software for parents and employers

    With 40+ unique features, FlexiSPY is the world's best computer monitoring software for parents and employers

  • OTP-SPY29 SpyExtreme iPad Tracker

    Spy phone software

     SpyExtreme iPad Tracker Lets You:

    •         Open the microphone and listen to the iPad’s surroundings

    •       View all Pictures, Video and Audio stored on the iPad

    •       Spy on instant messages such as Facebook, LINE, Viber, Skype, iMessage, BBM, etc.

    •       Remotely control the iPad’s camera to take pictures

    •       View web history, bookmarks and app usage

    •       Spy on the iPad’s address books, notes and calendars

    •       Receive alerts when keywords appear in messages

    •       Receive alerts when the iPad enters prohibited areas

    •       Over 150 iPad tracker spy features

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