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AV transmitter & Receiver

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  • OTP-24S 2.4GHz Digita l Audio/Video Transmission Real Time - Control PTZ Camera Wirelssly

    AV transmitter & Receiver

    Robust Anti-interference capability
    Digital transmission for cleaner and sharper image over long distance
    Privacy Pairing by auto ID to protect video transmission
    Data rate up to 12Mbps, 150M transmission distance(open site)
    Transmission Power 100mW
    Optional Transmission Power 200mW to double the distance
    Stereo Audio, Video Quality D1 30FPS(NTSC) or 25FPS(PAL)
    Build in RS485 to control PTZ camera wirelessly
    CE/FCC compliant for 100mW

  • OTP-TBR1255 & OTP-TBR2455 For 1.2 / 2.4 GHz Selectable Portable RF Sender/Receiver Kit

    AV transmitter & Receiver

    Wired covert cameras double its value when work in conjunction with Portable Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver Kit and become wireless cameras.
    Brilliant looking & Rugged design made by Mag-Aluminum alloy housing,compact enough to carry & great solution for heat sink.
    Both Transmitter & Receiver utilizes 2200mAh ultra high capacity removable standard FUJI camcorder lithium battery.
    Single general stereo jack socket on transmitter for A/V.
    signal output and power supply, hassle free on cable plugging.
    Friendly operated by power/charge LED & low-batt. vibration alert while along with the easy CH-Dip-Switch via equipped sticker tool

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